Club Night Tournament

This is a fun, relaxed round-robin doubles competition played on the last Wednesday of every month and organised by our Coaching Team. It is open to all adult members, regardless of whether they are involved in the coaching programme. Players score a total each month with their best scores going towards their annual total. The lady and gent sitting atop the Leaderboard at the end of the year get their names displayed on our Honours Board. The overall winner takes home a lovely big trophy for the year. Here’s the current standings:


…and here’s our past winners (click the year for the full table):

  Ladies Champ Gents Champ
2016 Susan Crick Graeme McAllister
2015 Eleanor Aitkenhead Dan Maroni
2014  Katie Semple  John Lemon
2013  Susan Williamson  Gareth Ware
2012  Gina Warrender  Gareth Ware
2011  Gina Warrender  Gareth Ware
2010  Susan Williamson  Alan Smith

Overall Winner in bold